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End of life for selected registration readers

End of life for selected registration readers

Please be advised that we shall discontinue the manufacture and sale of the itemised Impro registration readers, and the products are now in End Of Life status.  The products are to be replaced by an alternative registration reader, which is able to perform the same function.

Affected product:

·         INS946 (Access USB reg interface) will be replaced with INS944 (Access MDE with license), requires IXP400 software version 7.74

·         ISR901 (IXP220 registration interface) will be replaced with ISR900 (MDE registration reader) 

·         ISW905 has not been discontinued, however only an ImproX MDE will be shipped, as the unit now performs both enrolment and dongle functions.

Please note:

·         Customers connecting controllers to the server via RS485, the USB to RS485 conversion can be achieved using an USB to RS485 converter cable (FTDI USB-RS485-WE-1800-BT), widely available from third parties. 

·         Please note this EOL is with immediate effect, as only a handful of registration readers are available.  Thereafter, orders will be fulfilled with the replacement items.

·         INS946 requires IXP400 software version 7.74.

Repair services:
No repairs will be undertaken on the affected registration readers.  Should a faulty unit be returned within the warranty period, the respective replacement unit will be supplied (on a return basis).

Should you have any queries regarding this EOL, please contact your A&B sales representative.