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EC3 replacing EC2

EC3 replacing EC2

As advised last year, the EC2 is no longer available for order and has been replaced with the Access Portal Application Controller.  The Access Portal Application Controller can seamlessly operate on both the IXP400 and Access Portal platforms, as the device will detect which system is operating on the server and respond accordingly.

However, please note for the Application Controller to operate seamlessly on the IXP400, the following is required:
•    Application Controller firmware: version 10.0 and above
•    IXP400 software: version 7.74 and above

Some benefits of the Application Controller include:
•    Quicker and easier Access Portal upgrade path
•    Uses standard 12V 7Ah battery.
•    Plastic variant (HCA910) has a smaller footprint and light-weight durable plastic housing
•    IPS variant (HCA930) can accommodate the door controller hardware in the same housing.
•    Both variants include a RS485 device port and Ethernet for server connectivity.

Should you have any queries regarding this product, please contact your A&B sales representative.